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Free Websites (ready made each month)


So you could spend a lot of time promoting other peoples offers, creating a new squeeze page for each offer, use a template or create it from scratch - OR you could get them done for you and ready to go - to upload every single month.  That's what this is - a new website, built for you every single month at no cost.

What's the catch?
The guys behind this aren't daft.  You get a commission on the products sold on the website - and so do they (so if you are successful they will be too).  Also - although the website is free, it is a Wordpress site that will need to be hosted and you will need to buy hosting and a domain separate to this (costing about £5 per month).  
There is also an upsell where they will provide additional content for you for an additional £10 per month - but there is no obligation or need to take this.  Your basic (and free) subscription allows you to get a fully functioning editable website every month to promote offers online.  If you're using wordpress anyway or have your own hosted site (or are thinking of getting one) then why not check this out?

Get it here


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