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Your own social media business - get set up for FREE

SEO, Social Media Posting, Content Marketing, web design - could do all of those things for businesses near you?

What about if you knew you could get all of those services provided by someone else & all you'd need to do would be to set up the contact?   

What about if you were provided with a stack of ready made website templates that you could set up and configure for FREE before you even met your first client?  Do you think that would help?  What if you could send your potential client a website specially designed for them and know that you could get it set up and that social media and SEO would be handled for you - could you do that? 

What's the catch?

Well this definitely NOT a "download and go" type software - it's more like an agency that you can choose to run if you want to.  

The software is free and allows you to explore the opportunity and configure pages to you and your customers - but if you decide this is for you then you'll be speaking to clients and selling on services which you'd be paying for from the provider.  This is certainly not for everyone - but could be of interest if you've ever wanted your own agency.   By comparison to other opportunities of this type (some of which cost around £2,000 upfront), this is an opportunity that is free to get into and explore.  

You can find it here


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