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Your own social media business - get set up for FREE

SEO, Social Media Posting, Content Marketing, web design - could do all of those things for businesses near you? What about if you knew you could get all of those services provided by someone else & all you'd need to do would be to set up the contact?    What about if you were provided with a stack of ready made website templates that you could set up and configure for FREE before you even met your first client?  Do you think that would help?  What if you could send your potential client a website specially designed for them and know that you could get it set up and that social media and SEO would be handled for you - could you do that?  What's the catch? Well this definitely NOT a "download and go" type software - it's more like an agency that you can choose to run if you want to.   The software is free and allows you to explore the opportunity and configure pages to you and your customers - but if you decide this is for you then you'll be speaking to cli

Ever wanted to write a book?

Learn how to plan, write and publish your book - FOR FREE. Ever wanted to write?  Wondered where to start? Click here or on the book above and you don't just get an e-book (although you get that too)  - you also get access to a complete course setting out what to write, how to plan your book, what title to give it, how to simplify the process and how to publish and promote your book quickly. Your instructors are successful publishers (you'll have seen the titles they helped produce!) and they will show you how to release your inner author - all for free on this link What's the catch? This is one of the best writing courses that you'll find, by genuine publishing experts.  You can use the material to self publish your book or, if you want to take advantage of their publishing, copywriting or editing services there is of course a cost for that - but all of that is entirely optional.  The course includes video and audio files and is really well set out.  Highly recommende

10 Facebook marketing tips

  In this e-book Rob Ainge sets out his top ten tips for success on facebook - how to get greater engagement, more likes to your posts and the mistakes to avoid when building up an online facebook profile and using facebook to reach people and build your tribe. You can get it here

Free Dog Training Resources Guide

 Looking for FREE tools to train your dog - to get your dog to come to you when you call, to walk beside you and to control barking?  This FREE book gives you the tools you need - including downloadable video resources and the exact system used by famous dog trainer "Doggy Dan" For immediate access (nothing more needed) - click on the image or click here